Learn Top 4 Basic Boxing Punches

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Before you’ll find out how to float sort of a butterfly. And sting sort of a bee, you’ve got to master the essential Top 4 basic boxing punches. Practice these four boxing punches by developing your proper technique, while improving speed, precision, power, strength, and balance.

Top 4 Basic Boxing Punches


boxing punches: jab

The most basic clock in a boxer’s arsenal is the jab. The jab may be a light, fast punch, meant to stay an opponent cornered and found out heavier punches. A series of well-placed jabs can put an opponent on the defense, allowing the fighter to figure inside the body. It’s most effective when it catches an opponent off guard, but beginners frequently telegraph their jabs by loading up their muscles immediately before throwing the punch. An observant opponent will notice the bicep or pectoral twitch and be able to block and counter punch. While you’re learning the jab, practice keeping your bicep loaded throughout the round, so it’s able to snap out a jab at any time.

2.Heavy Cross

Once you’ve got mastered the jab, you’re able to follow up with the heavy cross. The cross is thrown with the dominant hand & is more powerful than the jab. When throwing across, the fighter must use his legs to brace the punch. Because beginners often desire, they have to succeed in forward with their crosses to hit an opponent, they have a tendency to increase their back leg and obtain abreast of their toes, leaving themselves wide open and unsteady for body shots.” Stay grounded when you throw across by pivoting on your back foot as if grinding out a butt with the ball of your foot”. This will assist you to maintain balance and add more power to the punch.


One of the foremost common mistakes new boxers make is drawing their arm back before throwing a hook. Not only does this telegraph the punch, but it also saps the energy out of it. A powerful hook originates at the hip. Start by performing on a decent inside hook while standing ahead of the heavy bag. With hands up in guard, raise your elbow up to shoulder level, spin your hip and let your arm go along for the ride. This puts the full power of a body behind the punch. Don’t forget to tug your arm back to protect immediately. Once this motion becomes fluid, step back from the bag and work on extending the hook further without completing the arm.


Many boxers telecast their uppercut with an exaggerated scooping motion. just like the cross & hook, the uppercut must come from the body & be grounded by the legs. Whereas the hook’s power originates with the rotation of the hips, the uppercut’s power comes from the rotation of the shoulders. this is often the especially useful beginning of a weave or a mistake. After weaving to the right, whip your left shoulder back within the opposite direction, allowing it to tug your right shoulder around, and drive your right arm into your opponent’s gut. Attempt again on the other side, then practice one after another, weave right, right hook, weave left, left hook. Then step away from the bag and use equivalent principles to throw the hook farther away without resorting to a ladling motion.

Like everything in boxing,  these Top 4 basic boxing punches take extensive repetition. Practice them again and again on the heavy bag, double end bag, and with mitts until they become a habit. Then practice some more.

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