Top 10 Leading Squash Rackets In The Indian Market

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With its unique four-walled court and one in every of its kind playing style, Squash is one of the most interesting indoor sport. Squash has gathered quite a fan base in India as both a professional sport and recreational activity. The sport also helps to improve the stamina and co-ordination of athletes. No matter why you are playing the sport, a top-quality squash racket is a must. So allow us to take a glance at the Top 10 Leading squash rackets.

It is 1st important to consider a few factors just like the weight, material used, balance, and grip of the squash racket before buying it. With that in mind, let’s dive in:

TOP 10 Leading Squash Rackets

1. Nivia Blackthorn

Squash Racket :Nivia  blackthron
credits Amazon

Nivia has made a name for themselves in the Indian market with sports equipment for beginners. And squash isn’t an exception to it at all. Nvidia’s Black Horn squash racket is a perfect product for beginners at an inexpensive price.

The blackthorn uses graphite lined aluminium material which helps it keep the racket lightweight. At around 170 g, it’s the perfect ideal weight for beginners of the sport. The racket also comes with a racket cover.

Weight: 215 gm

Tension: 55-60 Lbs

Head Size: 83 Sq. Inch.

Grip: PU

2. HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0

Squash Racket : HEAD Nano Ti Spector 2.0
credits Amazon

Head of the American-Dutch Sports brand is world-famous for his / her rackets in Tennis and Squash. The brand is additionally used by multiple squash superstars around the globe.

The Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0 comes up with a classic throat shape and is affordable for advanced players. The Nano titanium technology offers strength and adaptability to the frame.

Weight: 195 g

Balance: Head Light

Head Size: 485 cm²

Beam: 20 mm

String Pattern: 14/19

Grip Size: 4

3.HEAD Nano Ti Tornado

 Squash Rackets :HEAD Nano Ti Tornado
credits Amazon

Just like the Head Nano Ti Spector 2.0, this racket comes with the Nano Titanium Technology which offers strength and flexibility. But the Head Nano Ti Tornado has an added advantage with the hydrosorb pro grip, especially perforated for higher sweat absorption and comfortable grip.

Beam: 25 mm

Head Size: 710

Weight (Unstrung): 208 grams

Balance: 245 mm

String Pattern: 16/19

Grip Size: 4

4. HEAD Microgel 125

Squash Rackets:  HEAD Microgel 125
credits Amazon

Although a little expensive, Head Microgel 125, is one of the finest rackets for advanced players. The racket provides great power on the hit and head-grape balance. The microgel here is combined with carbon composite fibers to make the racket strong and stiff. Beam: 20 mm

Head Size: 500 cm²

Frame Weight: 125 g

Balance: 370 mm

String Pattern: 12/17

Grip Size: 4

Squash Rackets :Dunlop HYPER FIBER+ REVELATION 125
credits Amazon

The British sports brand, Dunlop is 110 years old and is additionally known for its expertise in racket sports. Dunlop also provides squash balls for the Professional Squash Association and a Women’s Squash Association.

But returning to the Hyper Fiber+ Revelation 125, the racket is durable and stiff which comes with the aerodynamic help for powerful shots for strong players. The material is used for this racket is premium graphite. The material makes it a light-weight racket for advanced and intermediate players.

Head Size: 500 sq. cm.

Racket Weight: 125 g

Balance Point: Extra Head Light

String Pattern: 14/18

6. Tecnifibre Dynergy 117
Squash Rackets : Tecnifibre Dynergy 117
credits Amazon

At 117 grams, squash rackets don’t get any more lightweight for advanced level squash players. Original Tecnifibre strings are used in this racket, allowing you to take slick shots without compromising the power on the shot.

The build of the Tecnifibre Dynergy 117 is simply exquisite and one of the best in the world. And did we mention it is ultra-lightweight with just 117 grams, thanks to high modulus graphite?  The racket also comes with a cover for protection.

 Head Size: 76

Racket Weight (gm): 117

Length (inches): 27″

Balance Point: 360 mm

Stringing Pattern: 14 x 18

7. Wilson Hammer Tech Pro Squash Racket
Squash Rackets:  Wilson Hammer Tech Pro Squash Racket
credits Amazon

Wilson is understood for his or her rackets on the court. But don’t count the US-based sports brand out on the court either. Wilson has used its iconic ‘W’ on some quality squash rackets and has been approved by a number of the best players of the game.

This particular Hammer Tech racket comes with a 16×16 string pattern.  weighs just around 150 grams, ideal for intermediate and advanced players. And for a brand as famous as Wilson, this racket isn’t very expensive either.

Head Size: 464 sq. cm

Unstrung Weight: 135 grams

Strung Weight: 150 grams

String Pattern: 16 x 16

8. Dunlop Hyper Revelation
Squash Rackets :Dunlop Hyper Revelation
credits Amazon

This Dunlop racket is one among the simplest within the marketplace for professional squash players with its lightweight and straightforward to regulate shots. Granted, it’s a touch costlier than others during this list but it’s a long-term investment for athletes unless you go ‘Full Boyle’. Within the court. (Brooklyn Nine-Nine Fans here?)

PS: this is often the present men’s world champion, Ali Farag’s go-to racket. Makes it well worth the investment now, doesn’t it?

Head Size: 490 sq. cm

Frame Weight: 128g

Balance: Heavy Head

String Pattern: 14×19

String Tension: 9-14 kg

9. Prince Textreme Pro Sovereign 650
Squash Rackets : Prince Textreme Pro Sovereign 650
credits Amazon

An upgrade on the famous Prince TT Sovereign, the all-new Prince Textreme Pro Sovereign 650 gives you complete control of the game. With 16×17 string dimensions, the racket allows you to hit the perfect length and sending the opponent on a small tour of the court.

The Textreme, as the name suggests is made for all sorts of extreme conditions and surroundings which makes it durable and a must-have weapon in your collection.

 Head Size: 480 sq. cm.

Unstrung Weight: 135 grams

String: 16×17

10. Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage Besaltex
Squash Rackets :Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 Heritage Besaltex
credits Amazon

The Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 is formed of graphite and basaltic, making it one among the foremost lightweight squash rackets on the list at just 125 grams. The tear-shaped head allows you to be on top of things of your shots. It’s a touch expensive for a really good reason. If you’re knowledgeable and searching to modify things around, check this racket out- right now!

Head Size: 500 sq. cm.

String Pattern: 14 x 18

Weight: 125 g

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