Kabaddi: Top 5 raiding moves that create an impact

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Kabaddi: Top 5 raiding moves

Kabaddi: Top 5 raiding moves is a sport where the raiders are always struggling since they’re up solo against a variety of defenders. All waiting to require them down at the slightest error. It has, hence, become necessary for raiders to develop a variety of techniques and make decisions within fractions of a second, to stay the defenders on their toes, sometimes quite literally, and get that all-important Bonus or touchpoint.

Here we have listed a few of these moves which leave spectators spell-bound and defenders grasping for answers. See if you’ll spot a couple of of them within the upcoming VIVO Pro Kabaddi season.

Kabaddi: Top 5 raiding moves

1. Running Hand Touch

kabaddi :  Running Hand Touch
credit: prokabaddi.com

The bread-and-butter move of any kabaddi raider. The longhand Touch is far and away from the foremost popular of all the hand touches. As basic as this move sounds, it requires great acceleration. And stretches from the raider to urge slightly on the defender before he features a chance to backtrack and obtain back equally fast to avoid being tackled.

What makes this move even more impressive is that the defenders are always searching for it. Hence, it’s to be executed with lightning speed and therefore the utmost precision.

Kabaddi: Top 5 raiding moves

2. Toe Touch

kabaddi:Toe Touch

While the defenders are watching out for the hand. The raiders have differently to urge some extent by making a surprise touch using their foot. This move, referred to as the Toe Touch, involves the raider ducking low to flee the hands of the defender and instead attack their feet using just the ideas of their toes. When used at the proper time, it’s one of the foremost effective surprise attacks within the game.

A versatile move, requiring speed, leg strength, precision, and agility, it also can be used effectively to urge a Bonus point if there are six or more opposition players on the mat. It’s particularly tricky to execute because the raider’s other foot must be off the bottom when going for the Bonus, consequently requiring balance also.

3. Frog Jump

kabaddi: Frog Jump
credit: prokabaddi.com

One of the foremost visually beautiful physically demanding moves. Frog jump involves a raider launching himself above an incoming defender. And while within the air using his hands to propel himself off the defender’s back onto safety. It needs quick judgment to chart out the escape route, ascertaining the defender off which the move is often achieved, and. Physical strength including the pliability to allow the raider to carry it out seamlessly. This is one of the favorite moves to flee an oncoming defender’s low Block or Chain Tackle.

4. Dubki

kabaddi: Dubki
credit: prokabaddi.com

Sometimes, the sole thanks to escaping when surrounded by defenders are undoubtedly using the Dubki. A move that needs an incredible amount of flexibility, the Dubki allows the raider to flee by going underneath a sequence of defenders to evade. The oncoming tackle and reach the half-line. Strength of the legs and overall flexibility is paramount during this move because. The raider must first squat down then find the proper time to use all his might and propel himself to safety.

The Dubki needs such a lot of skill precision that only a couple of raiders can successfully execute it during a match situation.

5. Scorpion Kick

kabaddi: Scorpion Kick
credit: prokabaddi.com

Being able to effectively use a span of a leg is an important skill for a raider, whether it’s reaching low to execute a Toe Touch or to outfox a defender and use the Scorpion Kick instead.

For a Scorpion Kick, the raider turns faraway from the defender to face. The half-line, and, just when the defender is expecting the foot to return low. The raider curls his leg up backward to urge slightly on the crouching defender, following the trajectory of a scorpion’s sting. Equally as fast and effective, this move requires balance, flexibility, and. Therefore the element of surprise to return out of the blue and take down an unsuspecting defender.

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