How to Kick a football: Learn the best football kick technique

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How to kick a football

How to kick a football is one of the most crucial aspects of playing football. Players like Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, or  Sunil Chhetri have set themselves way above their competition.

No doubt, they achieved excellence by practicing daily and developing a style. But the common denominator is that both of them skills to kick the ball. And more often than not kicking the ball into the opposition’s net.

Anyone can kick a ball. Doesn’t seem like a big deal when you say it. It’s only after you have tried to do it that you realize that something is missing. For most people, the matter was that the ball didn’t find yourself where you intended it to travel.

Learning the way to kick the ball with power and accuracy properly is the key to accurate passes and shoots.

How to kick a football


Place the ball on rock bottom and take a few steps back to possess an appropriate distance between you and thus the ball. Now take a couple of steps to either side of the ball counting on the foot you favor to kick with.

If you favor right, step to your left. If you favor left, step to the proper. Ready yourself to run and take the shot.

As we run towards the ball, shorten your strides as you approach the ball. this may offer you more power and control for your shot. The landing foot (the foot not wont to kick the ball) should be placed next to the ball. If we put it behind the ball, the ball might lift above desired.

The toes of the Landing Foot should point within the direction that you simply want the ball to travel. Pointing it wrong may reduce accuracy or may cause the Kicking Foot to hit the Landing Foot.

Bend your kicking leg backward after having placed the Landing Foot. Bending it too far back may cause a delay within the swing, and you’ll ultimately lose accuracy. How to kick a football

How to kick a football


This is the part that will define the type of kick that you wish to take. Timing is the connection of the utmost importance for a well-executed shot.

When the Kicking leg is bent backward, point the foot of that leg towards the ground to keep it sturdy at the time of contact. Avoid having the Kicking Foot flimsy.

There are several ways to form a Kicking Foot contact with a ball, all of which serve different purposes. Mentioned below are some of the types.

How to kick a football


To hook the ball hit it within a neighborhood of your foot. Then turn your foot slightly outside when your foot is on the brink of the ball.

This will cause the ball to swing inside after taking a flight. if we do it wrong it will cause you to miss kick the ball. A famous technique employed by players like Beckham.


Slice is that the opposite of Hook, in giving direction and also the technique that’s applied. To Slice, the ball hit it with the surface of your foot. This will cause the ball to swing outwards after it takes flight.

Doing it was wrong will cause the ball to go way out of target and in some hilarious cases, the foot might completely miss the ball. An Example of an ideal execution is going to be Roberto Carlos’s most famous goal against France.


To chip the ball, the very tip of your shoe should make contact with the underside of the ball, resulting in the ball taking a high flight but will not have much power hence won’t cover much distance.

If executed correctly, the ball is going to be out of reach of another player for the foremost part of its flight. Doing it wrong may cause a clumsy lob and misplacement.

If you guys know football, you have probably heard of Lionel Messi & have watched him perform this technique a countless number of times.


To do a knuckleball, you’ve got to hit the ball with the knuckle of your great toe. The hard knuckle will transfer an enormous amount of momentum to the ball with none spin thereto and hence a properly executed knuckleball will have little to no curve in its flight.

Ronaldo is understood to be a lethal free-kick taker. The technique he uses the foremost is Knuckleball slyly slotting the ball into the rear of the internet.

Follow Through

Follow-through means driving your foot even after a ball has left the foot. This will unload a Kicking Foot’s momentum to the ball. If you would like a further, momentum jump at the top of the kick. The foot should be pointed towards the ground. Logically, your foot should rise at the top of the swing.

Following through also helps you to stay your body in motion after you’ve got kicked the ball. Do this by landing on your Kicking Foot. This will stabilize you and give you the momentum to move ahead in the direction that you want to. How to kick a football

Keeping moving after kicking a ball is important to put further pressure on your opponent if incase your kick was intercepted or defended. Moving towards the opponent may cause the opponent to lose the ball or make an error and your team can get possession of the ball.

Other Techniques

Volley is probably the foremost difficult of all to execute. Few opportunities are presented to a player to take a volley and a small percentage of that is results in a goal. A volley is kicking the ball mid-air.

You have to use the laces part of your foot to hit the ball which gives immense momentum to the ball. The catch is that since the ball and therefore the foot both are in motion. It’s tough to urge the contact needed to shoot the ball where you would like.


Practicing is the key to success. You may find it difficult for the first time trying to keep all the instructions in mind as you kick the ball. But as you practice you will definitely see the result. Have a physical target in front of you to assist you in directing the ball & giving suitable momentum.

You may show a preference for a certain technique over the other. Mastering that technique may be a good skill but try to not neglect others. You may not know which one you’ll need to use at a given time.

Learning the way to pass the ball and receiving the ball from another player is complementary to shooting. If you’re employed on your first touch, you’ll instantly set yourself up for an opportunity to. Kick the ball into the internet.

How to kick a football

And lastly, enjoy yourself. Live and breathe every moment on the field.

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